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Wolf and Dogs running
Biologically appropriate pet foods are foods that replicate what a dog or cat would actually eat in the wild.

Dogs and cats aren't biologically suited for high grain intake, with high or long term doses causing a diverse range of health concerns. Some commercially made 'household name' pet food products can be as high as 30% Grain content or more. At Mighty Raw, our products are completely Grain-Free.


In the wild, and as nature intended, dogs and cats would only consume minimal (undigested) grains that would have been first consumed by the prey they hunted. They would also instinctually supplement their nutritional needs by foraging for fruit, vegetables and wild herbs.


Mighty Raw duplicate this natural diet combining core ingredients of 60-65% real meats (Chicken & Duck), fruits, vegetables and herbs in the optimum proportions, Mighty Raw™ Chicken & Duck Treats are one of the most highly nutritional and biologically appropriate treat choices on the market.


65%* Chicken & Duck meat, 35%* vegetables, fruits and herbs with absolutely 0% grains. That's the Mighty Raw promise to you, and to your pets.


NEW Kangaruffs range available now with 65%* Protein rich Kangaroo meat!

*Approximate percentage meat may vary 60-65% and vegetables, fruits and herbs 40-35%. Puppy and Kitten Treats goal is 60% meat and 40% vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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